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Kelsey Alpaio  

I'm a journalist and editor with a passion for innovative storytelling. As a senior associate editor at Harvard Business Publishing, I work to develop new digital content formats and audiences for the company. Currently, I work with Harvard Business Review's Ascend team, creating articles, videos, and other content to help early career professionals navigate work.
Before joining HBP in 2020, I was an editor at Innovation Leader, a digital and print media startup focused on helping innovators in large organizations deliver impact. I joined IL in 2016 after earning my Master’s in Technical Entrepreneurship from Lehigh University, where I also earned undergraduate degrees in Journalism and Political Science.


Podcast: Women at Work
How to Manage: Being Taken Seriously

If you’re a woman who’s a new manager, people will probably push back on your authority. In this episode, I reflect on the disrespect I felt as a first-time manager, as well as my discomfort with power. Listen »

Digital Article: I Tried 4 To-Do List Methods. Here’s What Worked. (HBR)

There are a lot of methods out there for staying organized. To find out which method works best, I tested four ways to organize my to-do list while tracking my overall productivity and stress levels. Read more »

Magazine Article: How the 49ers are Gathering Real-Time Fan Data (InnoLead)

49ers President Al Guido, and Moon Javaid, Vice President of Strategy and Analytics at the 49ers, share how they collect real-time data to improve the fan experience. Read more »

Video: How Salary Transparency Can Help You (and Your Workplace)

In this video, I interview three sources to learn more about the history, implications, and potential benefits of being transparent about your salary.

Watch »

Podcast: Women at Work
How to Manage: Conflict

When I became a manager, learning how to address conflict was a challenge. In this episode, I learn about the different types of conflict, our natural tendencies to avoid it, and options for responding. Listen »

Newsletter: Sustainability at Work — Our Favorite Reads (HBR)

In this republication of HBR Ascend's weekly newsletter, I reflect on climate change and its role in our future. I also provide several curated articles on sustainability and discuss how to integrate its principles into our daily lives. Read more »

Magazine Article: Innovation at The Nature Conservancy (InnoLead)

Jennifer Chin, Director of Conservation Innovation for The Nature Conservancy’s New York State Division, shares how the nonprofit created a winning innovation strategy. Read more »

Video: Do You Have What it Takes to Own a Food Truck?

In this video, I interview Jon Moy, owner of the Moyzilla food truck, to find out what it’s really like to start and run your very own restaurant on wheels. Watch »

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